Mastering the Logo Grid: Pro Lectures + Illustrator Templates

Jeroen van Eerden
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Making a beautifully balanced logo is a craft that can take years to master.

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If you’re trying to level-up your logo design skills, you’ve probably scoured the internet looking for inspiration. No doubt you have found tons of examples showing brilliant logos that were constructed using a logo grid. 

You know that a grid can definitely help bring balance to your work and give you a strong foundation for the look you’re trying to achieve. You’re a self-starter, so you probably tried to mimic these grids only to find yourself a little lost and confused. You’re ready to take your logo work to new heights, but you just haven’t mastered the tools.


After receiving many valuable feedback on the first (1.0) version of my logo grid course, it was time to upgrade the current course with loads of new items and over +1 hour of video content. Say hello to version 2.0.

What the new 2.0 upgrade includes:

✅ Added Chapters for better organized course walk-though

✅ +1 hour of video course content including multiple logo creations from start to finish

✅ More insights about my approaches in using grids in logo designs

✅ See more process content where I actually work directly in my illustrator

✅ Full HD - There where some issues with the previous video quality

✅ Video about how to use the Logo Grid Templates

✅ Extra bonus item (video)

Make better logos faster.

Space, balance, and contrast are key in logo design. You know this but you’re looking for a tried and true framework to help you nail the details every time. I know you can significantly improve the quality of your work in a very short amount of time. I want to help you make better logos sooner. That’s why I’ve created 'Mastering the Logo Grid Course'.

Learn from a pro. Unlock my toolbox. 

As a logo designer with over 10 years of experience, I have mastered the logo grid techniques in this course. I’ve employed grids to create logos for dozens of clients. I also judge a few major logo competitions as well. I’m condensing all of that expertise into the lessons and templates you will get when you buy my course.

Last year Dribbble interviewed me about my huge passion for logo grids:

Check out this interview here and learn about my story.

Here’s how you'll level-up your logo designs.

  • Learn how to create your very own grid construction from scratch to start crafting well-balanced logos.

  • Acquire a strong foundation in the principles of the grid that you can apply to any design challenge.

  • Download my tried-and-true grid templates as a highly-professional starting point for your logo projects. They’re great to use out of the box but are also completely customizable.

  • Personalized feedback and guidance from me. You are going to have your own questions and opinions, and I will be available to help you on your own terms.


Chapter 01 - Introduction (6:27)

1. Intro about course + instructor

2. Intro about logo grids

Chapter 02 - Offline Process (1:56)

3. Sketching - Grid Friendly paper to simplify workflow

Chapter 03 - Getting started in your illustrator PART 1 (15:38)

4. Working out your potential concepts - Start with grid optional

5. Prepare logo - Choose what grid system suits design best

6. Use grids to guide, not to limit your creativity - Adjust optically

7. Consider adjustment elements to give a more more custom look

8. Choosing colors for your design

Chapter 04 - Getting started in your illustrator PART 2 (23:11)

9. Work out alternative concept direction, repeat above steps

10. Apply a circular grid system to your design

Conclusion - Final words from instructor + Course Summary (4:12)

Course Resources: Premium illustrator Templates + Extra Video

Is this Course for beginners?

Yes, absolutely! You will want to have foundational skills in Adobe Illustrator to get the most out of the course.

How do I submit feedback?

You can e-mail feedback to 

Lifetime updates

Because I want to learn and keep improving my content, every upgrade on this course will be for free of charge. 

What is the refund policy?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you don’t get tons of value from my course, just reply to the email in the receipt with the reason and you'll get a full refund.

Reviews from users ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I’ve been following Jeroen for a long time right now, I’ve always been impressed by the way Jeroen show his grid. By creating a course about this Jeroen will be helping a lot of people learn the way he has been using the grid design for years and mastered it. This course will be perfect for you if you are trying to make more out of your grids and the way you present them to clients. A must buy if you are in the market to learn more about logo design and the grid system."

- Ruben Deams, Freelance Brand & Logo Designer.

"Thank you very much for the course / use of tools. I think it is definitely worth the investment. For me, as a starting designer, this was a real eye-opener and it just feels good, I really like symmetry myself. Because, even though I am 57, I still haven't finished learning. Last year I placed my first app in the Appstores and now discovered the passion of logo design design. Life is full of surprises."

- Margriet Pronk, Graphic Designer.

"Thank you for creating such informative pieces. I watched your logo grid videos. I have specialized in logo design for a good part of my 28 years as a designer. I was infatuated by the cool logo grids I saw on Pinterest, but wasn’t completely sure how to accomplish the feat with my own designs. I usually found relationships and ratios based on my education and experience, but I didn’t realize how structurally finessed I could make my designs by using more in-depth grids. Thank you so much for sharing your technique. It has given me way more confidence in the decisions I need to make when finalizing logos."

- Michael Balint, Miba Design LLC.

"Just want to pop up and say WOW to the upgrade! I'm such a big fan of your thinking - but mostly how you work and setup. Best purchase in 2020 by far :-)"

- Henrik Juhl, Art Director.

"Some really helpful information in this course, not to mention the sweet set of grid assets!!!! Go buy it now, you won't be disappointed."

Mike Pickett, Logo Designer.

You're Mastering the Logo Grid course is an excellent tool for any brand identity, logo designer, or graphic designer you can use to solidify more robust geometric Frameworks within their logo designs. The collection of assets that you have put together is frank and easy to understand, making it fast and straightforward to apply to logo designs. Even the training references and video sets show how to use the templates and create industry-standard logos grids, keeping in mind a workflow that's practical and simple to remember. I never knew anything about your work at all; in fact, I went through the entire course and even created a video reviewing it (likely mispronouncing your name in the process) because I liked the product that much. It wasn't until after I did all of that that I went back and looked at your other content so my review was coming solely from the quality of this product, not fandom or status. This is a fantastic product. I look forward to seeing how it evolves and how I evolve as a designer and utilize reliable tools such as yours. Thank you!

- Kendol Mason, Art Director + Brand Strategist. 

Learn the foundations of the logo grid and gain access to my professional grid templates by enrolling today. 

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Mastering the Logo Grid: Pro Lectures + Illustrator Templates


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Mastering the Logo Grid: Pro Lectures + Illustrator Templates

24 ratings
I want this!